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The first thing you will notice is how incredibly thin and light it is. iPad Mini 2  is an impossibly thin 6.1 millimetres, making it our thinnest iPad ever. And it weighs less than half a kilo. So its even easier to hold in one hand and take with you anywhere.

The displays on previous generations of iPad used three separate components. iPad Mini 2 changes all that, combining those three layers into just one. This eliminates gaps between layers, along with the internal reflectance caused by those gaps. The result? Colours are richer, contrast is greater, and images are sharper and more vivid.

The LCD layer is now closer to your eyes (and your fingers), so when you touch the screen it feels as if you are touching your content. And we’ve improved the sensitivity of the screen, so it tracks your finger even more accurately when you make quick gestures. Which means everything you do-playing games, surfing the web, enjoying photos and videos-becomes more personal, immediate and immersive.

The fast and fluid performance of iPad Mini 2 begins with its A8X chip. With 64-bit desktop-class architecture and an extraordinary 3 billion transistors, the A8X chip delivers speed and graphics that rival many personal computers.

Your fingerprint is the perfect password. You always have it with you. And no one can ever guess what it is. Our breakthrough Touch ID technology uses a unique fingerprint identity sensor to make unlocking your iPad Mini 2 easy and secure. And with new developments in iOS 8, your fingerprint will grant you faster access to so much more.

With Touch ID, you put your finger on the Home button, and just like that, your iPad unlocks. And Touch ID is capable of 360-degree readability. No matter how you’re holding it-portrait, landscape or anything in between-your iPad knows who you are.

The Home button on iPad Mini 2 is made from a sapphire crystal surrounded by a stainless steel ring. When you touch the button, the steel ring detects your finger and the crystal sends an image of your fingerprint to a sensor. Software then reads the ridges of your print and confirms a match. And it all happens in the blink of an eye.

Two amazing cameras, Cleverly disguised as an iPad

You wont believe how good a photographer you are. With an improved sensor, advanced optics and a more powerful image signal processor, the new iSight camera in iPad Air 2 captures incredibly detailed photos and professional-looking 1080p HD videos. The faceTime HD camera has been redesigned too, with a new sensor that makes your video calls look better, even in low light. And the large, high-resolution Retina display makes a spectacular viewfinder.

The new iSight camera was designed to help you capture all of lifes moments at a moments notice. And with every shot, the image signal processor works in sync with the camera to deliver a great picture or video-automatically.

Behind the precision optics and the new sensor lies the brains of the iSight camera: the powerful image signal processor in the A8X chip. Its improved face-detection technology keeps more-and smaller-faces in focus. And better noise reduction gives you cleaner, sharper images.

Wireless connections on iPad Mini 2  are faster than ever. Wi-fi is more than twice as fast as before, with speeds up to 866 Mbps. And Wi-fi + Cellular models are packed with advanced technology, so you can make fast connections, even when you’re on the go.

The things you love to do on iPad are even better when you are connected. And now that connection is even faster. iPad Mini 2 features advanced 802.11ac Wi-fi technology and MIMO support. Which is a geeky way of saying you’re getting some serious wireless capability, with download speeds up to a super-fast 866 Mbps.

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