iPhone 5C

For the Colourful

However another reason to love iPhone

Every feature we add to iPhone must answer yes to one question: will it improve the experience? So the colours of iPhone 5c got the same extreme thought we apply to all that we make. We even composed the Home screen and wallpapers colours to supplement the outside. Therefore, utilizing iPhone is quite a lot more captivating and delightful.


Brilliant colour. And construction.

With an all-new design, this is iPhone as you’ve never observed it — or held it. iPhone 5c is perfectly, proudly plastic, the better to breath life into its five quite remarkable hues. Underneath the smooth surface of the consistent external shell, a steel-fortified edge gives auxiliary trustworthiness. So iPhone 5c feels reassuringly strong in your hand

One phone.Multiple identities

Your fingerprint. Your iPhone

Gracious, how rapidly things change. Include one of the six Apple-designed cases to your iPhone 5c and it immediately goes from brightly cool to difficult to disregard. The case plan permits the shading underneath to appear on the other side, making 30 fun conceivable outcomes. So the iPhone 5c Case accomplishes more than simply ensure your telephone — it helps it emerge. Furthermore, it helps you make it yours.

A6 Chip

It does everything fast.Except deplete your battery.Launch your most loved applications. Stack your most loved blog. Download and watch the stunning video that just appeared in your inbox. Control through amusements with comfort level design. Do every one of the things you cherish doing on iPhone — at the rates you’ve generally expected.

Long battery life

The A6 chip is intended to be amazingly vitality effective, so you can spend your day exploiting every one of the components and applications on your iPhone. Without agonizing over battery life.

Ultra-quick remote

More coverage than ever before

iPhone 5c underpins more systems than any other time in recent memory. So now, significantly more individuals can encounter quick download and transfer speeds. In the interim, the quantity of transporters bolstered by iPhone all through the world keeps on developing. So when you’re voyaging, you can exploit ultra-quick systems in more places.

iSight Camera

It’s the world’s most loved camera all things considered. What’s more, a lot of new ones.

The 8MP iSight camera conveys startlingly sharp photograph quality because of components like a modern five‑element focal point. Furthermore, scene, which gives you a chance to get dazzling high resolution shots of things like stuffed football stadiums. The Scottish Highlands. On the other hand the walking band your companion employed to play “Happy Birthday” outside your window.

New Camera application

iPhone 5c likewise accompanies another Camera application that raises your photography amusement. Presently you can shoot pictures in a square organization. Also, look over eight live channels that can be connected before or after you take your photograph. Utilize the Instant channel to give a gathering shot at the shoreline a vintage shading look. Make a nightfall significantly more clear with the Chrome channel. Then again pick Noir to catch a self-representation in sensational high contrast.

HD video

Presently when you record video in 1080p HD, the new 3x zoom highlight gives you a chance to get in more tightly on your subject. Video picture adjustment smooths out temperamental footage from your high‑adrenaline minutes. (Running of the Bulls, anybody?) Face location for up to 10 confronts ensures no one loses all sense of direction in the group. Also, the capacity to take still photographs while recording video proves to be useful when you need to recount that story inside a story.

New FaceTime HD camera

iPhone 5c accompanies another FaceTime HD camera. Bigger pixels and an enhanced posterior brightening sensor give it expanded affectability in low light — incredible for, say, giving your companions a chance to back in the UK encounter a California dusk with you. You can likewise make audio only FaceTime calls with clearer sound than even wideband audio.